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Family has always been very important part of my life and shaped the person I am now. Raised by a family of teachers, I learned to help and appreciate people at an early age. Witnessing my mom and grandmother work with children and their parents on an educational and emotional level helped me realize the importance of family and relationships in people’s lives.

This put me on the path to pursue a career in psychology. I started studying in my homeland, Poland and at 21, I have transferred to continue my education in Philadelphia. Having lived in many places, I am comfortable building a new life in a new environment, and can conduct therapy in English and Polish.

I studied Psychology at Saint Joseph’s University and received my master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy from LaSalle University.

My professional and educational background has afforded me the experience of working with broad variety of clients. During my college years I worked in school settings to support children that struggled with emotional and behavioral issues. Post grad, I worked as a Family Based Therapist with families from different backgrounds where I have conducted family, couples and individual therapy.

My experience includes trauma, family conflict, addiction, depression as well as other mood disorders. These experiences showcase my adaptability and flexibility as a therapist. I enjoy working with children and their parents as a system because I believe that they strongly influence each other and can have an amazing impact on each other’s lives.

I work with clients based on the relationships they encounter daily. I believe sustainable and positive change happens for the client when we can improve and repair their relationships with others, whether it be a spouse, children, family or co-workers.


Emily Puchalska MA, MFT