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Leyla250pxBecoming a Marriage and Family Therapist was a natural progression of my early life. Born in Iran during the 1978 revolution, I spent my childhood experiencing a 10-year war full of chaos and destruction to my country, close relatives and friends. I developed a strong desire and longing  for justice, peace and harmony, all while feeling at home surrounded by crisis and turmoil.  Juxtaposed with the grotesque nature of the war, there was hope, growth, flexibility to change and self-awareness needed for survival.   

Working and volunteering in orphanages, monasteries and refugee camps in a number of  countries formed my strong belief that there is a poetry in pain that makes us all just a bit more human and better connected to one another.

I assist my clients as they delve deeper into their personal history; the story of their lives. Together we move past  pathologies and explore the core of presenting problems  by considering family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. I enjoy and prefer working with the entire family, however I believe that the couple is the cornerstone of the family. An injured marriage results in dysfunctional parenting and families, therefore working with couples is at the core of my practice.


 I have had the privilege of studying and continuing my education with master therapists such as Dr. Harry Aponte, Dr. Bill Silver, Jorge Colapinto and Andy Fussner. I received my master’s degree from Drexel University, graduating with highest academic honors, clinical excellence awards and academic scholarships.  I also have a master’s degree in photography from Rochester Institute of technology and worked at  many prestigious art galleries and institutions such as Ace gallery and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  


My life so far has been an incredible journey. I live my life spontaneously and follow my instincts. My husband and I live a simple and peaceful life and enjoy playing with our 3 year old son at our family owned farm with our 2 goats Billy and Georgy,  and our black cat Nutella.