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Women’s Lives at midlife and beyond

A Mindfulness Centered Group

Midlife is the beginning of many transitions in women’s lives. Change occurs in many spheres as children leave home, parents age, and relationships face new challenges. It is a time of taking stock with life as it has played out, and making choices about next directions.  Physically and emotionally, midlife is a stage when women ask “now that I am here, where am I?”  This therapy group will help women at midlife and beyond (40 and up) address the issues that arise as they move through life’s stages and explore strategies to help them thrive and open up new paths of well-being and self-efficacy at every age. Mindfulness practices will be incorporated in the ongoing group process to help manage stress and address complex issues.

The group will be led by Sandra Bernstein, MSN, RN, LMFT. Sandy is an experienced group therapist and has been including mindfulness practices in her work for many years.

A telephone interview is required to participate. Women who are currently in therapy should discuss their participation in the group with their therapist and obtain their consent to participate. Please contact Sandy at the number below to register or for more information.


4451 W. Swamp Rd. Doylestown Pa 18901


The group will meet monthly, starting Wednesday, February 22, 2017, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (There is a possibility of adjusting the time if that better meets the needs of group members.).