Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

My passion is serving those with addiction and mental health concerns. It is my goal to instill hope and provide the medical tools necessary to support the journey to wellness. I value being part of a passionate team working to bring best practices and innovation to our clients. It doesn’t get any better than doing what you love.

The first half of my nursing career was spent in psychiatric mental health nursing. The second half led me to achieving my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner and earning a doctorate in nursing practice. As a professor of nursing, I had the opportunity to share my passion with students.

Medication treatment is often recommended in conjunction with talk therapy.  In prescribing and managing these medications, I collaborate closely with each therapist to offer the most comprehensive treatment for our clients.

Since not everyone reacts to medications the same, I recommend Pharmacogenetics Testing. This simple, cheek-swab test examines patient-specific genetic markers to help identify possible medication treatments, to work as intended, with less side effects.

By offering guidance to prescribe the most effective medication in the proper dosage, the test is meant to minimize the trial and error process, often frustrating during the initial stages of medication management. The test can be done during an office visit.