Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

My personal and professional experience has taught me that relationships, with ourselves and others, are central to our lives and well-being. It has also taught me that anyone can encounter life events that strain their ability to cope as usual, and require new or additional tools, or a change in perspective, to manage successfully. I believe that therapy is an active, collaborative process that helps clients mobilize existing strengths and develop new ones to enhance well-being, develop satisfying relationships, and meet life’s challenges with stability and self-compassion.

I individualize my treatment approach to each client. Using a systemic framework that considers the multiple relationships within which people function, I work with clients to develop a treatment plan tailored to their needs and goals. My specialties include couples therapy, anxiety and depression, women’s issues, stress management, and coping with major or chronic physical illness. I often use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches. I offer groups for women at mid-life and beyond, and mindfulness-based stress management and eating awareness.

My personal journey as a marriage and family therapist began when I was an obstetric nurse. After obtaining my MSN from the University of Pennsylvania I grew interested in working with couples and gained experience in mental health and completed a post-graduate program at Marriage Council of Philadelphia (now Council for Relationships). I have been in practice for over 40 years in a variety of clinical settings.