Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I believe the family is the foundation of our understanding of how to interact and form relationships with people. The family is where we first deal with emotions such as love, happiness, anger, and sadness


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist When working with individuals, couples, and families struggling with the challenges life throws our way, creating a safe and welcoming space is my first priority.


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Through my own family experiences I understand how healthy relationships help carry people through many of life’s obstacles, but I also understand the importance of finding balance in coping with challenges and difficult relationships.


Marriage & Family Therapist When challenged to find grace in a storm, we have a choice. We can defend our position or find opportunities in this moment to pivot and discover gifts we may not realize we have and embrace our strengths.


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist My experience in the business world, as a stay at home mom, and, now, a working mom, provides me a wealth of perspective to draw from and understand real family situations.