Office Emotional Support Dog Bella, our Australian Shepherd looks forward to coming to the office. She provides a calm and loving atmosphere in the office and has created her own relationship with clients for the last 13 years.


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I have been practicing individual, couple and family therapy for over 15 years and I am an AAMFT approved supervisor. I employ a variety of methods to help people reach their goals and make sure that the methods I choose fit the person or people...


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist My personal and professional experience has taught me that relationships, with ourselves and others, are central to our lives and well-being. It has also taught me that anyone can encounter life events that strain their ability to cope as usual, and require new or additional...


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I have experience working with anxiety, anger, impulse control, ADHD, ODD, Autism, and depression. I specialize in, and really enjoy working with, children and teens dealing with a variety of behavioral and emotional issues.


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I believe the family is the foundation of our understanding of how to interact and form relationships with people. The family is where we first deal with emotions such as love, happiness, anger, and sadness


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I love my job because I get to work alongside individuals who are willing to work on the relationships that matter to them, including the one they have with themselves.